The Amazone Quartet first met when diving into the sensuous work of Ravel in his masterpiece Chansons Madécasses, which seemed like a very good reason for a mezzosoprano, a flutist, a cellist and a pianist to get together. Probably one of the only reasons though, repertoire wise, since this combination of instruments is pretty rare. However we liked it so much that we decided to invent other good reasons – and thus we have ever since worked on arranging and composing music ourselves, as well as engaging with composers of today and commissioning brand new music.

We are all freelance musicians based in Copenhagen, the capital of the small kingdom of Denmark and we all had the great opportunity to travel the world with music. It is said about the amazone warriors, daughters of ancient gods Ares and Harmonia, that they were fearless and their main concern in life was war.

Our main concern in life is music – and we hope you will have a look around this page and eventually come and share this concern with us somewhere in the future.

If you wish to know more about the individual four of us, please see below

Anne-Marie Lipsonenpiano
Miranda Hardingcello
Nana Bugge Rasmussenmezzosoprano
Sofia Kayayaflute

Garments by Tatiana Andersen Camre & Photography by Olaf Højgaard

Cæcilie Tagmose, piano (barsel)